The multinational wrestling club unites seaside athletes

The multinational wrestling club unites seaside athletes

The Multinational Primorye. On the territory of the Primorski region there are 158 peoples. And at the same time, despite different cultures, traditions and religions, Primorye live together as one big friendly family. And if they fight with each other, then only on the wrestling mat.
Garik Harutyunyan proudly talks about the achievements of his students. Former professional wrestler, he has 10 years of coaching. His pupils won both in the Far East, and in the All-Russian tournaments. But throws and grips are just a little of what he teaches.
Garik Harutyunyan, Greco-Roman wrestling coach of the Atlant-Nakhodka federation: "We are brothers, that we are one family. And that we should support each other. Be in love. And, thank God, they all have such. Friendly. And, as they say, I have a full international here. I have children of all nationalities. "
He was Armenian, but was born in Georgia. The will of fate was in Nakhodka. And every day now trains representatives of different peoples, cultures and religions. Young wrestlers can easily find a common language.
Islam Ulubiev, athlete: "Yes, we are friends. Russians, from the Caucasus, Armenians. There are Buryats. All friends, we communicate. If we meet on the street - say hello. Let's take a walk. We have everything in common. "

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