Chinese successfully settle down in Primorsky region, bringing together cultures of two neighboring nations.

Chinese successfully settle down in Primorsky region, bringing together cultures of two neighboring nations.

Primorsky region is multinational. There are representatives of 150 nationalities. There is one interesting family in Lesozavodsk: She is Russian with Chinese origins, he is real Chinese from Harbin city.

42 year old mother of two children, entrepreneur Galina Li is Chinese woman born in Russia, more than 20 years ago, she got married to a resident of China- Ren Yanmin from Harbin city. They have met at the market in Ussuriysk city, where her father worked as an interpreter. Love at first sight has erased all borders and language barriers. Husband even tried to take his wife to China for permanent residence.


Galina Lee, resident of Lesozavodsk: "Husband once took me to China, I stayed there for a week and wished to go home, I cried and said:" Dima, I want to go home, "he said:" What do you want? It’s also good here”. But I'm used to live in Russia, I was born here, my mentality is Russian. "

As a result, a resident of Harbin had to become a resident of Lesozavodsk, learn Russian language and traditions. Both of them became farmers- grow grain and vegetables for sale. Mother-in-law gave Zhen Yanmin Russian name - Dima. And so they live, bringing together cultures of two great cultures.

Galina Li: "We celebrate Russian and then Chinese New Year, after that 23rd  of February, 8th of March, Easter, May 1, May 9. I love Russian Olivier salad and he is good at cooking Chinese style fish in Chinese dumplings”.

Diana Lee, their daughter: "We celebrate Russian New Year, basing on Russian traditions, and when it’s time to celebrate Chinese New Year, we surely make dumplings, and  put coins in them."

Iulia, Galina’s younger sister, also married Chinese. Large Russian-Chinese family often hosts friends; their friends are of different nationalities. Galina and Iulia say: “Skin color or eyes shape is not important, attitude towards each other is much more important.”  Multi-cultural barriers can be surpassed with the help of friendly attitude, sympathy and Russian language, which brought together cultures of different nations in Lesozavodsk city.


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