There is a high demand for Russian products in the China border cities

There is a high demand for Russian products in the China border cities
Currently there are many Russian products and services in Suifenhe China. Many Chinese people would like to taste Russian chocolate, milk and seafood. 

ZHAO HAIMAN, tourist from Suiyang City: "We will celebrate Chinese New Year together. And my family have never eat Russian food.  In my hometown there are no such products." 

SUN IMIN, citizen from Suifenhe : "Today we came to the supermarket to buy smth special for the Spring Festival." 

LI YUXIANG, the manager of the company of import Russian goods: "At present, because of the ruble devaluation, it is very cheap for us to buy things in Russia. The product is selling particularly fast. Especially before Chinese Spring Festival. Some Chinese are buying Russian products to bring it to their family, some customers eating by their own. Sometimes we even do not have time to ordered a new pitch." 

ZHANG WEI, manager of trading company: " This year Spring Festival is a good opportunity for Russian producer to increase the quantity of selling products in several times. Today more and more Chinese companies engaged in the import of Russian products. And in China there are many Russian supermarkets as well. The product variety is very rich. Russia seafood and ice cream selling particularly well."

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