Vladivostok state television and radio company special television project "Discover Primorye". Aquatoria of Primorye is home for the sea cucumber

Vladivostok state television and radio company special television project
Good afternoon. On the air is Vladivostok state television and radio company special television project "Discover Primorye". And I am Anastasia Zemlyanskaya.
Hai-shen- wei is the name of Vladivostok in Chinese. This word definitely know everyone, when he will hear about exotic marine of Primorye. In the Chinese hai-shen- wei means "Bay of the sea cucumber" or "bay of blue sea cucumber."
Sea cucumber is echinoderm invertebrate creature, the rubber by touch, he lives on the bottom of the sea, and during the whole life filters the water through itself.
It is considered extremely useful for the human body and called the sea cucumber (because of its external form), the sea ginseng because of the medicinal properties.
It is clear that the Chinese name of Vladivostok shows that Peter the Great Bay is the huge natural habitat of this precious seafood.
Old residents of Vladivostok said that even in the 70s years huge colonies of sea cucumber living on the human-readable depth of the sea, and they were very coomon.
Skoblyanka, sea cucumber with pork, sea cucumber with honey are the usual part of menu of those who live in Primorye.
But at the beginning 90s of the last century seaside sea cucumbers was on the verge extinction. 
The originality and uniqueness of the marine environment of the Primorye coast caused the fact that the medicinal features sea cucumber greatly exceed to those, which has a sea cucumbers, dwelling, for example, in China seas, Japan and other Asian countries.
Far Eastern sea cucumbers are found at depths up to 150 meters.
Demand on the seaside sea cucumbers in Asian cuisine is extremely high.
Therefore in the 90s poaching of sea cucumber for smuggling firstly China, it has become one of the factors of growth the organized crime.
This was a special project GTRK "Vladivostok" "Discover the Primorye. Anastasia Zemlyanskaya was working in the air. You should always leave space in your life for new discoveries in your home country!

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