Breeders mariculture are planting marine gardens

Breeders mariculture are planting marine gardens
Trinity bay marine farmers have start to land mariculture. Now they are preparing special cages, which will sank to the bottom, so only a half of year after they will reap a crop.
A team of 10 people carefully sorts combs, 3-4 cm large combs they will put to the gardens, and small combs put out to the sea. Workers have to sort out more than three million pieces of combs.
Galina Pyanova, brigade leader: "There are 15 plates in the cage, each plate must keep them exactly 10 pieces. "
The cages are placed on carrier ropes then dipped to the depth of 12 meters. They will take the harvest will be only one and a half year after. From 12 thousand comps we will take about 120 tons of comps meat.
Andrey Karataev, small boat driver: "The season almost on a daily basis, here and fight, do not give work, they are already profitable. Nasty ... very good reap a crop, you can quickly, grows a couple of years. "
This is the Pacific oyster. It is Khasan imperial oyster. It can to replace the imported oyster.
Natalia Vysotskaya, the master of preserves smoking-plant: "We took crude meat , cook it, take from the shell, wash, sort out, salt, settle down in a jar, fill with oil the knee."
Cultivate the oyster as well as scallops, only grow in the autumn. Maritime gardens in Zarubino engaged since 2012. Two huge juvenile plant grown scallops, oysters, sea cucumber. This year be reconstructed a few to millions of individuals plant for those who engaged in mariculture seriously.

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