The largest inhabitant of the Primorye Oceanarium starts to get used to a new home. Walrus Misha affects everyone, not only for its size, but also the desire to attract attention.
Walrus Misha shows another trick. The distance from its enclosure to the transport cage overcomes himself. Otherwise, 800-pound walrus place not move. During the waiting time to move to the main building oceanarium Misha recovered twice.
Walrus from the first inhabitants of the Primorye Oceanarium settles at the new location. The enclosure comes at once, and to the swimming pool to dive for a long time can not be solved. Only after the 15-minute persuasion first swim coach. Between visitors and Misha thick glass, so that now the walrus have to get rid of your favorite habits.
Denis Sokur, head coach of the Primorye Oceanarium "spit water. Thus he attracted the attention of passing employees, deliberately poured over them to see what a fine fellow he is. "
Despite the impressive form, Misha great shakes the press - and this is just one of the few of his tricks. Walrus - a real artist, as well as other inhabitants of the aquarium. Very soon in the new building will move to sea lions, seals, beluga.
The first performance will take place on June 12 - this is the official opening date of the aquarium. The building is in the form of a shell on the shore of the Sea of Japan - it is 25 thousand tons of water under the same roof, a dozen exhibitions, six science laboratories, a huge dolphin.
Vadim Serkov, director of the Primorye Oceanarium: "There is an opportunity to show the presentation throughout the year, including winter. The area of water surface in a pool of 800 square meters. meters, depth - 9.5 meters, seats -. 800 "
The first tentative excursions are open to the aquarium. Even if you do not stay too long in every room, a study of the Primorye Oceanarium takes hours.
- There is always 26 degrees and almost one hundred percent humidity. This is perhaps the most vivid exposition of the Primorye Oceanarium - tropical forest in miniature. For example, now I like to descend down the canyon to the river.
Panoramic aqua tunnel - the world's classic aquariums - leads to the depths of tropical seas. Shaw octopus and jellyfish - this is the Sea of Japan. By the way, the water for the aquarium taken directly from him - is pumped through special installations, cleaning filters. Impressive even foreign visitors.
Rup Brahma jyoti Cargill, Consul General of India in Vladivostok: "This is one of the best aquariums I've ever seen. Of course, this is not all finished, but I can imagine what impression it will make on all visitors. "
Before the opening of the aquarium is counting the days and the scientific community. The unique project will be part of a national center of marine biology. The First International Conference will be held here later this year.

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