Primorsky region rescuers using helicopter MI-8 to observe the ice area and fishermen

Primorsky region rescuers using helicopter MI-8 to observe the ice area and fishermen
Emergency Ministry keep telling to the Primorye residents that is still very dangerous to drive car on the ice. Bur russian fishermen are not afraid of fines, not fear to die. Mi-8 helicopter is responsible for the observe of the fishermen situation.

SERGEY STANCHIK, reporter: "Mi-8 helicopter is checking the situation in the Peter Great Bay district, large people groups location, cars on the ice."

The most important task is estimate the ice situation. Because of the temperature difference, in several regions of Primorsky Region ice safety is not high. Fishermen can easily fall under the water.

SERGEYPEREVALOV, Deputy Head of the Security Department of water subjects: "Today Ussuri Bay has a particularly dangerous ice situation. Suhodol Bay, Ants Bay ice is unstable.

The most dangerous places are marked on the map. Operative information about ice conditions can help to save the life of the fishermen, who still prefer go to fishing by cars.

SERGEY STANCHIK, reporter: "In the 1000 meters high it is easy to see that the fishermen forgot about their safety There are a lot of cars on the ice.

Officers from Ministry of Emergency Situations frequently observed ice state.
Basically a fast patrol boat harbor water. In special circumstances the Ministry of emergency relief personnel observe by helicopter to. Thus in a short time be able to see more areas.

ALEKSANDER VORONIN, "Vladivostok" Airline Pilot: "Mi-8 helicopter speed is 200-250 km / 1 hour. Flight distance is 1,000 kilometers."
In this spring Officers from Ministry of Emergency Situations will held next test flight over the Primorye Region water.

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