"The New Economy of Primorye": Interview with participants of the III Eastern Economic Forum and residents of the territory of advanced development

At the third East-economic forum, which was held in Vladivostok on September 6-7, the first key event of the program was the visit of the President of Russia to the exhibition of the territory of advanced development.
- If we return to the main and main event - this is the recent East-economic forum, now it is already possible to sum up the economic results of the forum?

Vladimir Miklushevsky, Governor of Primorsky Krai: Yes, of course. Signed a sufficiently large number of agreements not only in Primorye We signed 41 agreements for 200 billion rubles. At the very first forum, we signed an agreement for 100 billion rubles.

A five-storey house with 65 apartments was built in the Big Stone.
- Building, which is still noisy, is it a continuation?
Sergei Tseluiko, general director of the shipbuilding complex Zvezda: Yes, this is only the second house, in the foreseeable future we will build 6000 apartments.
Housing estates are being built in other areas of advanced development, for example, in Nadezhdinsk.
Alexei Boyko, director of the developer company: We are residents of the free Vladivostok port, we thought that people who would work in the territories of advanced development would not be unhappy to provide good living conditions.

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