"New economy of Primorsky region." Vladivostok is preparing for the 2nd East Economic Forum.

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These days large-scale preparations for the 2nd East Economic Forum are being held on the Russian island: repairing of university embankment, mounting of the forum’s symbol - seven meters Lotus flower  sculpture; the whole territory of Far East Federal University campus is being cleaned up. At the same time, the most important part - the forum participation program of Primorsky region – is also being prepared.


Primorsky region prepared 21 projects for the 2nd Economic Forum to attract foreign investors. The principled position of the regional authorities is to show participants of the forum not just conceived projects, but already implemented and operating projects of the region. Most important of them are those, which have formed under the new economic mechanisms - on the territories of priority development and within Vladivostok free port zone. This will also help to reinforce the effectiveness of 22 agreements that were signed in Primorsky region during the first forum. This position was voiced by the governor of Primorsky region to participants of the forum in St. Petersburg.


Plastic packing factory became one of the first residents of territory of priority development in Primorsky region. Even though the mechanism of territory of priority development did not start to work at full force, the company still risked to arrange high-tech production on this territory.


The following economic projects of Primorsky region will be introduced to the participants of the Economic Forum: the capabilities of the "Progress" aircraft industry in Arsenev city, “Prim Ring” sports-industrial complex, "Zarubino Grand port", "Dry port". The main task of the forum is to attract foreign investors’ interest to the construction of international transport corridors "Primorye-1" and "Primorye-2".


After the 1st East Economic Forum development and construction companies from four countries got interested in participating in the project of Vladivostok encircling highway construction. During the 2nd East Economic Forum Administration of Primorsky region hope to attract investors to the development of the project of petrochemical complex in Partizansky region and to the project of construction of high-tech nuclear medical center in Vladivostok.

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