Results of the 2nd Eastern Economic Forum

Results of the 2nd Eastern Economic Forum

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The 2nd Eastern Economic Forum has finished in Vladivostok. Last year it was attended by 2000 delegates, and this year Eastern Economic Forum brought together already 3,500 participants from 35 countries. 201 agreements were signed during the forum, these agreements will determine the development of international economic co-operation between Russia and countries of Asia Pacific Region.


The leaders of three countries: Russia, Japan and South Korea are on the main platform of the Russian island. Dialogue of international political and business community is being opened by a former prime minister of Australia. A year has passed since the first Eastern Economic Forum, and now in 2016 it is already one of the most powerful platforms of interregional cooperation in politics, business and cultural sphere.


All these days on each platform of the forum, in every room of the campus, in all the halls and passages negotiations, discussions and meetings are being held. Actual agreements are the main priority of this forum.


The Governor of Primorsky region signed a memorandum with the Japanese National Corporation on Oil, Gas and Metals matters, right after that, the head of the region signed an agreement on the opening of Primorsky region branch of one of the largest banks in Russia and its participation in investment projects in the region.


All this is only a small part of the vast events of this year Eastern Forum. Most of the 111 projects from all regions of the Far East, which has been prepared for the forum participants, are from Primorsky Territory. For example, the agreement on "East ring of Russia" project, which will help to realize the intentions of 12 regions of Siberia and the Far East and make Primorsky region the center of tourism in the region.


It is important to have qualified personnel in all sectors. For example, during the forum there was a lack of interpreters to satisfy the interest of foreign companies in the development projects of the Far East. After all, it is necessary to know the language to open oneself to the world, at least - English. And big Russian enterprises should not skimp on speaking oriental languages specialists.


Obviously, the status and influence of Eastern Economic Forum increased significantly. The main task now is to realize all the agreements. 

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