Cultural traditions of Udeges are being preserved in village Krasny Yar

Cultural traditions of Udeges are being preserved in village Krasny Yar

The interweaving of ethnos and meanings. In Krasny Yar, traditional trades are not only being kept but also transformed.

Vladimir Suliandziga has a degree in engineering sciences. He says that he can easily differentiate and integrate, but what he really likes is traditional trades of his ancestors – tree carving. He made a lot of masterpieces such as 3D wooden pictures and gigantic animal statues. He was even asked once to make a present for Vladimir Putin.

All works have an ancient Udege’s legend.

Vladimir Suliandziga says “According to the legend men are descended from tigers and women from bears. That's why women never ate bears in olden days”

It is a very old tradition of Udeges to carve wooden amulets. Master Yurii Kanchuga is half-udege half-chukcha, so he carves on bones and horns. Yurii is an employee in the national park “Bikin”. He is responsible for the production of souvenirs.

Udeges’s ornaments are very beautiful. Usually, it includes some Russian traditional details as well.

The main inspiration for masters is, no doubt, breathtaking nature of these places.

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