"Big Fish" - traditional Udege holiday.

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"Sagdi dava” - big fish. It is a traditional annual holiday of Udege that live in Primorsky region. It is being celebrated before the beginning of salmon spawning season in the rivers of the north part of Primorsky region. During last few years it is organized by non-commercial association of Indigenous Ethnic minorities of Primorsky region - "Cedar".


This year the holiday is being held on Avvakumovka riverside near the Olga village. One of the main parts of the national holiday is a rite of chum spells: the head and tail of the first fish that was caught in the beginning of the fishing season are being thrown into the river. According to Udege’s legends, fish soul “lives” in these parts of fish body. Rite participants explain that they only catch fish for food. After all, fish is the main part of winter diet for the indigenous people of Primorsky region.


The whole Udege community participates in this holiday: adults cook fish soup; children learn to cast a net and compete in agility.


At present, there are about two thousand representatives of Indigenous Ethnic minorities living in Primorsky region. To protect their interests and traditional way of life, last year Primorsky region parliament passed the law on Indigenous Ethnic minorities. Uniting indigenous ethnic minorities non-commercial organizations get financial support from the budget of Primorsky Territory.


Meanwhile, northern ethnic minorities are actively preparing for the autumn and upcoming winter seasons – buying all the ingredients that are needed for preparation of the main dish of inhabitants of the north part of Primorsky region.

News source: "Вести:Приморье" [ www.vestiprim.ru ]

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