"New economy of Primorsky region". Special report on fishing industry in Primorsky region.

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Primorsky Region, the second Sunday of July, there is a great celebration on the whole territory of Primorsky region - Fisherman's Day. One of the favorite holidays on the Far East of Russia. Experienced fishermen joke - "give us the will and we flunk counters with sea delicacies!"

Just on the eve of the Fisherman's Day in 2016, the president signed a decree on the introduction of investment quota for the development of the fisheries sector. Now, the investor in order to obtain permission for fishing have to buy Russian vessels or create own fish-processing capacity. Such a procedure for obtaining a fishing quota should contribute to fleet renewal and modernization of the infrastructure of the coastal fish processing. President paid big attention to this question during his conversation with Sakhalin fishermen during live phone-in.  

Production retooling goes on all fish processing enterprises in Primorsky region. Only in September vessels will be send for fishing. But the equipment must not stand idle. Pink salmon, saury and herring is being brought here straight from the sea.

To keep up the working pace during summer, fish processors decided to conduct an experiment. It’s the first time they are processing river fish, this time fish was brought from Yakutia.

Meanwhile, the fish factories in Primorsky region are mastering technology of fries breeding of the most popular fish species. At present, our fishermen  have to go to the north of the Far East to get salmon, we don’t have enough salmon in our region. Reequipment of fish breeding production may help to compensate the lack of some species.

Maxim Melnikov, director of the hatchery: "There we used 80 fries breeding devices, and now riped juveniles are in the pond."

Here fries are growing and prepare for a great trip out to the sea.

Due to this artificial reproduction, it will be possible to catch salmon in the waters of Primorsky region. Now its population here is very small. Primorsky region is a border of salmon’s habitat and their resources do not have real commercial value. But already this autumn, the first-born of this hatchery will come back here-their home.

It takes three years for a fish to grow from the fish egg into a grown up species, that may get to the store shelves.  In order to save time, they have also launched another line – they brought 10 kg, which is 100 thousand eggs of trout from Sochi by plane.

According to last year records, harvesting volume of the whole country is 4.5 million tons and the share of the Far East is the biggest. The head of the Federal Agency for Fishery in Primorsky region flew to Sakhalin, where during the workshop discussed the prospects of development of the fishing industry in the Far East.

Vladimir Miklushevsky, the governor of Primorsky Territory: "The high quality of our products is well known outside Primorsky territory and Russia, our products are shipped abroad. And this is a great merit of those people who work in the fisheries sector. "


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