Representatives of the Udege community of Primorye region initiated Initiative Reserve Wave.

Representatives of the Udege community of Primorye region initiated Initiative Reserve Wave.

In the settlements of Primorsky Krai, no one will answer as to who the Udege are, just like the residents of the Roshchino village. This year marks the centennial of the protected areas of Russia. Relay "Reserve Wave" started from the Krasnoarmeysky district.
Bright tapes, fabrics and threads instead of a computer and a pile of papers. In the office of the national park Udege legend, Yevgenia Ilyacheva's workplace stands out from the rest. Yevgenia Ilyicheva, a methodologist for the development of the Udege culture: "The black edge must necessarily go. Because the Udege people are people who belong to the people of the earth. "
Yevgenia Ilyacheva, a methodologist for the development of Udege culture: "We go to school in costumes, show culture, tell how the Udege lived. In addition, costumes are used for trips to seminars, exhibitions. "
 The "reserve wave" is confined to a serious date - the centennial of the Russian reserve system. The site of the national park "Udege legend" was the first in ecological relay race among 23 protected areas from Transbaikalia to Sakhalin.
Boris Litvinov, director of the national park "Udege legend": "The main purpose of the park is to preserve, study and restore the unique valleys of cedar-broad-leaved forests within the western macroslope of the central Sikhote-Alin. And the second main goal is the preservation of the ethnoculture of the Imam group of the Udege people. "
According to the original design, the park was to be called "Sredneussursky", but due to the presence of the Udege communities here, it was decided to fix the name "Udege legend". Even now, local Udege people have preserved their sacred places, bequeathed to them by their ancestors.

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