Primorsky region producers increased exports of drinking water to China

Primorsky region producers increased exports of drinking water to China

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Primorsky region producers shipped more than 360 thousand liters of water and nearly 50 thousand of alcohol products to China in 2016.

As Department of agriculture and Food of Primorsky region reported, last year 8 supply agreements have been signed with new companies and as a result water from Primorsky region is being delivered to 5 megapolises of China.

"In just one year we have shipped 360 525 liters of water to China, which is 55% more comparing to last year.", - experts said.

In addition, alcohol products made of natural raw materials, such as wild herbs of Ussuri taiga are being exported to China.

"The volume of delivered products is up to 50 thousand liters per year, the range of alcohol products includes more than 15 items," - they added.

The most popular in China are "The root of ginseng and honey liqueur", "Antlers with honey liqueur", "Cedar creek valley liquor ", "Aralia liqueur". But, "Ussuri Balsam” is the most popular of all.

News source: Administration of Primorsky region

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