Government support to Agricultural sphere

Government support to Agricultural sphere

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Interview with the Head of Agricultural and Food Supplies Department of Primorsky region, Denis Bochkarev:

- What is our government doing to support  agricultural development?

- Governor of Primorsky region pays big attention to the development of agricultural sphere. Lots of money is being allocated from the Primorsky region budget and the Federal budget in order to support the development of agricultural sphere of the region. The level of state support of agriculture sphere in our region is much higher than in the neighboring areas.

- In addition to financial support, are there any other ways of governmental support in this sphere ?

- We organize Agricultural Products Fairs. In addition we are establishing a Multifunctional warehouse complex.

- Who can receive state support at present?

-Within last three years our government has been supporting farmers that just initiated their business. In order to realize the national program of agricultural support, we have selected about 40 newly established farms this year. According to the Minister of Agriculture, small farms of Primorsky region must be supported. After providing certain package of documents, farmer has an opportunity to receive 1.5 million rubles for farm development. Large-scale agricultural enterprises also have the right to receive state support. For example, after purchasing an agricultural equipment, large-scale enterprise may receive cash compensation of 20% - 50% of equipment’ cost.

- How much money did the agricultural sector receive this year?

- This year 900 million rubles has been allocated from the budget of Primorsky region into development of agricultural sector. In addition, the federal budget has allocated about 500 million rubles into this sector.

- At the beginning of the interview, we have mentioned Agricultural Products Fairs.

- Yes, such Fairs are a good opportunity to sell agricultural products of your own production. Small farms have difficulties in selling their products, because when farmers sign an agreement on delivery with customers, farmers need to deliver products throughout the year consistently, to make this farmers should have a climate-controlled vegetable repository. This requires a significant investment, but small businesses cannot afford such infrastructure. Now we are building a Multifunctional warehouse complex, it will help to solve this problem. Agricultural enterprises will have an opportunity to rent a warehouse in this complex. It will be possible to pack required amount of products right in there and deliver it to the customers.

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