"New economy of Primorye." Interview with Alexey Taranov and Pavel Antipin

Interview with the deputy director of the Department of Agriculture and agribusiness leader A. Taranov agricultural enterprises of the Border Region P. Antipin about realization of the program of import substitution of agricultural products.
Moderator: Hello! In a special project GTRK "Vladivostok" "New economy of Primorye." And today we present you an interview with the Deputy Head of the Department of Agriculture and Food of the Primorye Administration Alexei Mikhailovich Taran. Aleksey Mihaylovich, hello! If we talk about the fact that the program of import substitution gave Primorye in general, and any intermediate results of sum for the last in 2015.
Alexey Taran, Deputy. Director of the Department of Agriculture and Food of the Primorye, "The program itself is of course aimed at providing the population of Primorye quality food. Now the administration's policy region and the department of agriculture, including meat is increasing the volume of the Primorye, eggs, whole milk and livestock products. In order to achieve this it was necessary to develop a plant growing in the industry. We have to date priorities - is the production of soybeans, corn production and also for fodder, is the development of crops. Speaking at the end of 2015, despite the fact that in that year there was an emergency, it affected 10 districts were flooded.
Moderator: That is to say that the system worked, and gave some impetus to maintain and agricultural and farmers.
Alexey Taran: Certainly, a government program is aimed at supporting farmers
Moderator: If we are speaking about the farms, there may be some advantages given import substitution program, which support is provided to farmers who have their own small livestock farms
Alexey Taran: We have a program of peasant farms, is to support beginning farmers and family livestock farms. As beginners farmers support not only livestock, but also other areas: plant growing, non-traditional sectors of agriculture: rural tourism, the production and processing of honey. But the majority of farmers among beginning farmers are those who are engaged in dairy farming, they gradually apply for participation in the competition. Family-livestock farms, it is one of the areas of support for peasant farms, is the development of a family business, animal husbandry, to date, this trend dairy cattle, including sheep and goats, and cattle, and rabbits. We basically only sold mainly dairy cattle. Amounts of course also different. Family farm animals receiving state support of up to ten million rubles: this is a grant for the construction of a farm, from design to commissioning. To date, a number of projects and a number of projects have already been commissioned and is valid.

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