"New economy of Primorye".
Interview with Alexey Starichkov, Director Department of International Cooperation of the Administration Primorsky Region and members of the Primorye delegation at the meeting with the leaders of the Chinese province Jilin (5-6 April 2016).
Moderator: Alexey Yurevich, we have the impression that the Department of International Cooperation of the Primorye Administration is the main driver in the international arena to promote the economic potential of Primorye.
The recent meeting of the Governor of Primorsky Region with the President of Vietnam, work of the delegation in Jilin Province Changchun City.
Tell me please if the work of the international cooperation department is now concentrated on it or it is just part of the great work that you are doing in the international arena, representing Primorsky Region.
Alexey Starichkov:
Of course, our department plays a very big role in this process. The increase of the interest of the international community for the cooperation with Primorsky Region is caused by big number of the people and organizations:
First of all a personal conviction of the governor Primorsky Region Vladimir Miklushevsky, that the guarantee of successful development of the Primorye is the integration of the regional economy in the international economic community, it is also the efforts being made by the institutions of Primorye, in particular the Investment Development Agency Primorsky Region, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, business associations.
Therefore, it is rather a set of the efforts of all the organizations of the Primorye causes such a rapid development of international cooperation of the Primorsky Region."

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