"The new economy of Primorye." Economic development projects in agriculture field

Support and development of business projects in the Primorsky region on the state program of development of agriculture and regulation of markets for agricultural products, raw materials and food. Improving the standard of living of the rural population of Primorsky Krai takes more and more new areas of production. At the beginning of a new planting season, in 2016 Primor left firmly in the leaders among Russian regions in terms of soybean production. Starting this year, will increase the area under maize. The main purpose in this case - to create a stable fodder base for livestock development in the region, so as not to depend on the constantly changing external factors of economic development.
In one of the divisions of powerful cattle-breeding complex of Primorye mastered herd yet for the new breed of cows edge - Aberdeen Angus. Cows and bulls exclusively black suit, by the way quite hornless, but their main advantage - the high quality of meat and productivity.
Over the past four years of implementation of the state program of agricultural development of Primorsky Krai industry growth was two times higher than the national average. By 2020, the gross production of the main types of agricultural products produced in the region, will increase by more than half. Local farmers are going to seriously strengthen its position in the domestic market and to enter the global food market in the Asia-Pacific region. For this powerful pace being developed acreage. Five years ago in Primoe it handles about 45% of arable land, and now - 64%, so that the reserves had not yet been exhausted. After all, nearly 200 thousand hectares of agricultural land has not yet been involved in trafficking.

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