Famous Pride Rock from «The Lion King» was found in Primorye

Famous Pride Rock from «The Lion King» was found in Primorye

A cliff of an unusual form reminding of the Pride Rock from «The Lion King» was found in the heart of «Land of the leopard» in the «Kedrovaya pad’» sanctuary. Scientists managed to get a video of a rare Far Eastern leopard - male Leo 12M named Typhon. He is the «king» of this land. 

This rock cliff is a special place. It offers a panoramic view of the valley Kedrovaya river. This is convenient for predators when they are hunting. Keeping this fact in mind, workers of «Land of the leopard» installed a photo trap on this place. 

Scientists expectations were met as the camera took a photo of the predator. After analysing the spots on the leopard’s skin, it was clear that it was Typhon, the only male leopard of «Kedrovaya pad’», hence the owner of this land. 

The biggest net of photo traps of Russia is located in the «Land of the leopard» national park. According to the latest researches, there were 91 adult leopard and 22 kittens in 2018 on park’s territory. 

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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