Wild leopard & tiger showed up in Vladivostok area

Wild  leopard &  tiger showed up in Vladivostok area

Photo source: "Land of the Leopard" Federal State Institution

The scientists of the «Land of the Leopard»  succeed in taking pictures of the Far Eastern leopard and Amur tiger on the territory of Vladivostok for the first time. These animals are registered in the Red Book. A camera trap reveals not only a new information for the database of the national park, but also had clearly demonstrated: rare cats are certainley the neighbors of  the Far Eastern capital citizens.
The new photos were received in the part of national park, that is located in the territory of Vladivostok City District, nearby the coast of Amur Bay, which separates the southwest Primorye from the city. Experts have installed the camera on top of one of the mountains and have directed its lens at the sea.  Across the sea we can see the silhouettes of skyscrapers and bridges of megalopolis. Soon, at first this place was visited by a leopard and then by a tiger, sometimes the animals looked into the direction of civilization and its stone jungle.
Information from camera trap helped scientists to establish the identity of the leopard, who lives here. Analysis of the pattern of spots on the skin of the predator shows that a male under the number Leo 65M gets into the camera lens. A kitten of a female named Grazia had been previously fixed at the border with China, but eventually it moved into the deep of homeland. The images shows, that the leopard is OK. As it can be seen it is in a very good physical condition and doesn't have any problems with hunting.

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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