Bay knight destroyed the castle of count Jankowski.

Bay knight destroyed the castle of count Jankowski.

The historical legacy of the Maritime territory in the Bay of Vityaz continues to deteriorate. If you do not take urgent measures, the stone castle of count Jan Jankowski will be lost forever. Maxim Kalenich found out that the building is the owner, but with the restoration it is not hurry.

Beautiful bays of the country's only Marine reserve, rocky shores and sandy beaches. To see this with their own eyes, the far East is ready to risk even "walkers" of their cars. Before the mass pilgrimage to these places - only a month, and a ten-kilometer stretch of road from Andreevka to Vityaz is more like goat trails.

Maxim Kalenich, a correspondent: "to get to the Bay Vityaz', it is necessary that the knight-the wrestler lived with you in the shower. Otherwise, there will be no nerves on these roads. And still need a high-pass technique. Desirable, something, a similar on tank!»

But, if you arrived, then as a reward for patience, in addition to natural beauty, and even history, which you can touch. On the cliffs of Cape Gamova rises stone, the southernmost lighthouse of Russia, it is 113 years old. Nearby — tower coastal battery, which is periodically trying to cut into scrap metal. And in the Bay are still lying housing for the sealing schooners.

Maxim Kalenich, correspondent: "Another, and perhaps the last historical attraction. Unfortunately, abandoned. His century stone castle Jankowski meets alone, and no one needs".

It was built in 1919 from natural stone, concrete and coastal pebbles. Defensive towers and stone battlements, in case of Chinese attack of robbers, whose gangs were often rounded up in these places. Philanthropist and entrepreneur, a nobleman Jan Jankowski planned to settle here, but a year after the castle was already built, died from the Spaniard. The family was forced to leave the Maritime provinces.

In Soviet times, there was a post office, military warehouses, but in the 80s the castle was finally abandoned. From the former beauty were only the Foundation and massive, sometimes rickety walls. In the 91st castle becomes a monument of historical and cultural regional importance. To restore the hands never came. This is despite the fact that the old castle there is a very specific hosts. But when there are more than one, there is a Frank confusion.

Alexey Zuev, acting head of the Inspection for the protection of cultural heritage of Primorsky Krai: "the property Right belongs to the Russian Federation, and FEFU is the legal owner of the cultural heritage. Full and legal owner since 2011. Eight years have passed, nothing has been done. The building is in disrepair. Any delay threatens to lose him."

In accordance with the law, it is the FEFU that is obliged to monitor the safety of the historical heritage, which is its property and issued. But it turns out that even earlier, 12 years ago, the regional law transferred the building to the property of the Zarubino administration. Legal conflict can be resolved by the court, but, apparently, this is a rare case when none of the parties is in a hurry to pull the blanket.

Alexey Zuev, acting head of the Inspectorate for the protection of cultural heritage of Primorsky Krai: "In any case, we are building legal relations with FEFU, since the right of operational management is registered and there is a corresponding entry in the unified register."

This means that officially, the burden of maintenance and preservation is borne by the Federal University. But looking at the condition of the house, the conclusion that the University is really rather a burden and not honor the right of possession of the last lock of Primorye.

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