Special television project GTRK "Vladivostok" "Discover Primorye". Sightseeing Khasan district are available for residents and guests of the Primorsky Region

Special television project GTRK

Hello! In the air is GTRK Vladivostok special television project "Discover Primorye". I am Anastasia Zemlyanskaya and today we are in one of most beautiful places of the south of the Far East Gamow point.

Lighthouse is the object of the Ministry of Defense, so free entrance is limited here.

Here is business card of all sea of the attractions in Primorye - Gamow lighthouse. This is - a place of pilgrimage for tourists. Lighthouse - the Ministry of Defense facility, so free access is limited here.

Visit the territory of the lighthouse is possible only accompanied by rangers. It is known that near the lighthouse was quite a lot of shipwrecks. Ships "Quartz" and "Vladimir" still remain under water. Nobody die but "ships-heroes" were under water.

There is the so-called Stone Dangers. Its steep walls go down to 30 meters and covered with a continuous carpet of marine mollusks. The whole peninsula is a beautiful mountain terrain. It is decorated with Tumannaya mountain.

The territory of the Sea Park is a closed area for free access of tourists, especially - for independent holiday on the coast.

The composition of the waters of the Far Eastern State Marine Reserve includes the Bay: Salvation Astafieva, Eagle, Telyakovsky, Average, Kalevala, pumice, sea lions.

Being on the reserve without special is prohibited. The territory of the Far Eastern State Sea Reserve and its buffer zone in the area indicated by the information signs. For violation of the established penalty of up to four thousand.

State inspectors protect national park.They have quite a strong mandate. To avoid trouble, marine reserve should only attend organized groups. To do this, please contact the travel agency or by yourself to get Permissive ticket to visit the reserve, to conclude an agreement with the reserve and redeem vouchers excursion.

In the National park territory Khasan district there 7 excursion route. It also hiking with sightseeing Russia South Island - Furugelm Island. It historic route "secrets of past centuries", where you can learn about the fishers of the Gulf of Peter the Great Neolithic.

Traveling through the reserve, you can plunge into the world of sand and Odyssey, visit the beach singing pine trees, learn the secrets of marine architecture. All environmental routes to the reserved places are detailed on the site of the Far Eastern Marine Park

At the border, where it ends the free access area and begins the territory of Marine Park in the bay Telyakovsky is one of the most famous natural attractions of Primorye - Island faint of heart.

In the history of Primorye he went forever and not just because of its popularity, but also because of the fact that it was here in 2011, there was a shark attack on the person first in Russia

Currently, there is a tourist route in the national park - "Lair of the leopard." However, it is - just the beginning, because now is the development of several nature trails. We should not underestimate the current route, as it fully lives up to its name: the path leading to the cave, similar to those where they grow their offspring Far Eastern leopards.

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