Special television project GTRK "Vladivostok" "Discover Primorye". Primorsky honey is popular among locals and tourists

Special television project GTRK
In the broadcast state broadcasting company "Vladivostok" special TV project "Discover Primorye" and I Anastasia Zemlyanskaya. And today we'll talk about beekeeping and of course on how to make honey.
Name Alexander Tsitsilina well known not only in Primorye, but also far beyond. In fact he was one of the founders of the Primorsky agritourism. His Cossack hamlet bright and has long attracted those who want to get acquainted not only with the natural beauty of the coast and the edge of the taiga, but also to see this Primorye, their special character, extraordinary hospitality and cordiality quite open for any new features of the entire Primorye.
Alexander Tsitsilin, head of peasant farming, "according to Russian custom, we meet guests with bread and salt, as a guest in our case with a great many countries, even from the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Vietnam, Turkey, England, America, France, and India. Every time we meet them very adequately. Basically we tell visitors about agriculture, its that we just sat workers, patriots of their Motherland, and we love our place, where we live. "

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