Vladivostok is gaining the status of the gastronomic capital of Russia.

Vladivostok is gaining the status of the gastronomic capital of Russia.

Popular tourist international Internet portals have brought Vladivostok to one of the most "delicious" cities in the field of cooking. And residents of South-East Asia have long considered a speedy visit to Vladivostok as the main goal of their very short vacations. The main thing is to combine the days of your holiday with one of the many gastronomic festivals of the Eastern capital of Russia.

Maxim Kalenich, the reporter: "There are States where the role of the capital is performed by two and sometimes even three cities. Capitals are governmental, parliamentary, judicial. Vladivostok, of course, does not dispute any of these three statuses. It has always been the main Outpost city in the East of the country. But recently, in addition to the status of the Eastern capital of Russia, Vladivostok has acquired another honorary all-Russian star — gastronomic!»

In the international system of booking hotels Booking.com Vladivostok has once again topped the list of cities with the most delicious and creative menu restaurants in the city. At the same time, neither Moscow nor St. Petersburg got into it! For many years the seaside capital has been launching an endless series of gastronomic festivals. This week Vladivostok announced: the time has come for the oysters!

Timur Akchurin, su-chef of the restaurant: "Probably because they are very tasty. When I tried the first oyster myself, they came to me right away and I just couldn't stop. Oysters are one of my favorite clams. And at any opportunity to try it I myself never refuse it. You can only eat that, which opens perfectly the first time. It cannot be washed, here juice for the sake of which it and eat".

They are lifted from the bottom of the sea — and immediately taken to restaurants. The product is perishable, it is necessary to eat in the freshest form, so the prices are more than affordable.

Maxim Kalenich, correspondent: "all over the planet in the oceans and seas there are about fifty species of this mollusk. Taste qualities at all different, but even the French recognized that it is in the far Eastern seas that the most delicious live. The oyster, which has become the standard seaside oyster, has the most tender airy meat, a little sweet and with a very fresh aroma."

Every Russian likes to eat tasty food, but foreign tourists — most of all. Sixteen international flights arrive daily at Knevichi international airport, nine of which are South Korean. At the same time, more and more tourists come to Vladivostok by sea. Next ocean community of Costa Serena was taken to the shores of the Golden horn Bay are just three of the thousands of tourists.

Valery Nagorny, Director of the Vladivostok International terminal: "the Closest partners to us, all their projects include Vladivostok, and they clearly understand that if Vladivostok is on the route, they are sold much better than without it."

The number of tourists is growing like a tsunami over a four month — 2.5 times! The flow of visitors from Japan increased by 15 percent, Australia and New Zealand — 40, South Korea — 140, Germany — 200. Hotels and hostels do not have problems with the occupancy of rooms, and tables in city restaurants are booked before arriving in the Eastern capital of Russia. Moreover, the next festivals of other Vladivostok delicacies — crabs, scallops, mussels and gifts of the Ussuri taiga will be announced soon

News source: http://vestiprim.ru/news/ptrnews/76260-vladivostok-zavoevyvaet-status-gastronomicheskoj-stolicy-rossii.html

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