In Vladivostok there was a Stonehenge. Video Report By Daria Orlova

In Vladivostok there was a Stonehenge. Video Report By Daria Orlova

In Vladivostok, a new tradition was born — to build stone towers. People build them everywhere and believe that it fulfills desires. The place of mass development was the Russian island. In the same way, appeared the first tower, which started it all.

Daria Orlova, correspondent: "Vladivostok Stonehenge. So these stone pinnacles at Cape Wetlina called the inhabitants of the city by the sea. This place has already become an unspoken attraction and attracts crowds of tourists, who, in turn, add to the collection of towers".

Irina Alferova - local. But I decided to keep up with the tourists and contribute to the construction of the stone town. The tower, according to the girl's plan, will be small, but with an unusual design.

Irina Anferova, a resident of Vladivostok: "When laying, of course, I choose the color that it was not one, but that looked interesting. For example, the combination here is gray with orange, due to the game of colors it becomes interesting. And form — that it was not just a cone, and let the top expanded".

The first stone tower at Cape Wetlina appeared four years ago. A group of activists from Vladivostok made such a gift to the city for the anniversary — 155 different towers up to five meters high were built. Many of them were destroyed by the collapse of the rock in a nearby grotto.

The construction of stone pyramids became so popular that they decided to launch a competition in the network — so unusual statues began to appear around the edge — enthusiasts piled stones on the banks, on the hills, on the streets, on the roofs of houses and even... on the saps!

Denis Gorbunov, organizer of the project "Stone towers of the city by the sea": "My friend Artem Tarasov, he gathered friends, and they went every day.And he laid out a new tower every day. They built three large towers on the left Bank. Probably 3-3,5 meters. They built three of the biggest towers and then a lot of people came to them, took pictures, laid out. And we kept seeing in the reports, they said, "stone towers." And somehow everything has grown to such a level. It is very nice that a simple idea turned out such a beautiful project."

Stones piled on each other are found all over the world. In the Himalayas it is mainly built of large boulders and is called "latza". In Scandinavia and Iceland – "Troll". Climbers call the towers "tours" and mark their key points of a route, which serve as a guide for them in the mountains.

Daria Orlova, correspondent: "Tourists and pilgrims pyramid of stones erected on the passes, mountain tops and places of power. They claim that it is a kind of meditation. And you know, I fully agree with them — a lot of concentration and patience requires such construction. People believe that these turrets grant wishes and bring good luck. I hope that's true. But even if not - at least, it's beautiful."

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