The participant of the program "far Eastern hectare" entrepreneur Andrei Shablov and his companions built a bakery in the depths of the coastal taiga near the village of Yastrebovka of the Partisan district. They put Russian ovens in their houses, installed a mill and already started to bake bread according to original Russian recipes.

The authors of the project chose a hectare for the construction of a bakery for a long time and finally stopped at the site near the mountain Yastrebovka – here, surrounded by hills, there is an ecologically clean valley, near a forest river. You can get to the place only by SUV or on foot, but it does not stop guests – many people come to a hectare from neighboring settlements to get acquainted with an unusual place, look at the mill with stone millstones and buy environmentally friendly products.

"Real peasant bread should be baked not only according to the traditional recipe, but also in an environment of normal clean ecology. The living bread, he feels taking over, absorbs. Bread must have a natural spirit, special, pure. Therefore, we wanted our bread, in addition to the correct whole grain flour, hop starter, natural salt and honey, was also clean air, living water, the smell of the taiga, was the very essence of life – the call of the earth. Only all this, United in bread, gives a person strength, goodness and health", – shared the project Manager Andrey Shablov.

Today, the bakery enjoys the support of the local administration as a new and useful project on the far Eastern hectare, opening up new opportunities for the district and its residents. Since the beginning of December, the bakery makes regular targeted delivery of bread from the Russian oven on applications that come through social networks from Partizansk, Nakhodka, Artem and Vladivostok.

According to the authors of the project, their requirements for product quality are high, but the goal is worth it – to recreate the real Russian bread in the far East.

Recall, the Federal law on the far Eastern hectare entered into force on June 1, 2016. In Primorye, at the moment the plots were issued to 13.4 thousand citizens. The participants of the program in the region are offered about 20 measures of support, which relate to entrepreneurship, agricultural development, individual housing construction.

For reference: to find the necessary information, to solve emerging issues, all who are already settling on their hectare or are just preparing to move to Primorye, can be In the center of the recipients of the far Eastern hectare, which is located at the address: Vladivostok, Borodinskaya street, 14 (hall 1 floor). Also seek advice by phone: 8 (423) 200-95-85.

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