The federal program of developing mariculture is being successfully realised in Primorie

The federal program of developing mariculture is being successfully realised in Primorie

Anti-Russian sanctions became a very good point for developing mariculture in Primorie. Nowadays there are about 50 farms that raise seafood in the region.

Primorie’s kelp is a very important part of everyday life of the people of the Far East. Canned goods, salads, the famous agar-agar for sweets and even biological additions are being made from it. Kelp is being raised on underwater kitchens. More than 1000 hectares of Lazavsky district are being used for raising plants and other sea inhabitants.

Aleksandr Klenov, vice head of the coastal fishing and mariculture: “Here we have about 3 hectares of scallops. From each hectare, there will be collected about 20-30 tones of the shellfish”.

The company is working not only for the Russian market. Some Asian countries are very interested in Primorie’s scallops. Those countries are mostly Japan and Korea.

For looking after the development of the production some specialists from Pacific scientific fish center (TINRO) are working on the farm with its technologists.

This way of developing mariculture in Primorie shows that maybe sometime soon Russia will be able to stop importing seafood from abroad and even become a serious competitor for China and other countries.

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