Vitaly Starostin. Honorary worker of environmental protection.

Vitaly Starostin. Honorary worker of environmental protection.

45 years guarding the taiga. In the framework of the project “Primorye - 80! Our story ”we tell about the inhabitants of Primorsky Krai, who devoted their whole lives to their native region. And our hero today is, without exaggeration, a legend in environmental protection, an honorary nature conservation worker, Vitaly Starostin. He will tell about his incredibly interesting life in the following material.

Needed where was born. This is true about Vitaly Starostin. A native of Kievka, he devoted his whole life to his native Lazovsky Reserve. And the taiga never took refuge.

Vitaly Starostin, honorary worker of nature conservation of the Russian Federation: “I am very pleased with my life, so many interesting people have passed through the reserve”.

On the endless taiga trails he met not only interesting people. How many times has he seen the master of the taiga - the tiger - no longer counted. But I especially remember, of course, the very first time.

Vitaly Starostin, Honorary Worker of Nature Protection of the Russian Federation: “A roar, a muffled roar, he can roar in such a way that the hair on his back stands on end. I started to talk with him, and somehow we parted ways, sideways, sideways, though, then, just in case, I still climbed a tree and wept only when I made sure that he was gone. ”

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