Unique shot of the night sky made in Primorye

Unique shot of the night sky made in Primorye

Scientists of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in Vladivostok were able to take unique photographs of Comet Djakobini-Zinner "in profile", which will help to get new information about the nature of cosmic dust, according to Vesti: Primorye, citing the press service of the university.

It is reported that the opportunity to make high-quality images was also influenced by favorable weather conditions in the Primorsky Territory.

The comet was photographed at an angle of 80 degrees, that is, "in profile." This allowed astrophysicists to accurately estimate the distance that the comet ejects dust particles toward the Sun ("dust coma"). With this data, scientists can determine the speed at which a comet ejects dust particles, as well as how solar radiation affects them.

Comet Jacobini-Zinner was discovered in 1900 by the French astronomer Michel Jacobini. Later, in 1913, the comet was again discovered by the German scientist Ernst Zinner. The comet is the progenitor of the Draconid meteor shower. In view of the planet Earth, a comet appears every 6.6 years. The diameter of its core is approximately equal to two kilometers.

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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