Scientists from Primorsky region have invented a new model of earthquake prediction

Scientists from Primorsky region have invented a new model of earthquake prediction

Photo source: FEFU Press Service

The new model of short-term forecasting of seismic events was developed by Semyon Gordeev professor of the School of Natural Sciences of Far Eastern Federal University in collaboration with Victoria Voloshina, the Candidate of Technical Sciences. This worldwide unique technology allows to quickly predict earthquakes. According to the estimates, it can be successfully used on the territory of the Pacific Ocean Islands.

According to the press service of the Far Eastern Federal University, the inventors propose the use of fiducials (meteorological) stations and seismic sensors that measure their elevation point and horizontal displacement. Chain of such stations located in particular order in the vast area of the island and mainland, monitors the displacement of controlled marks, which is a harbinger of the seismic movement. The technology was presented at the International Conference and aroused great interest of Japanese scientists.

"The proposed model of earthquake prediction is not based on indirect indicators of seismic events, but based on the study of the geophysical processes leading to earthquakes. Such forecasting technology is proposed to be used for the first time not only in Russian but also in the international practice, "- said Professor Semyon Gordeev.

Scientists note that the new method allows quickly analyze data and immediately inform appropriate services and people on the possibility of shaking of the Earth's crust. Besides, this technology will also be useful when it is required to take into account the seismic factor when choosing a place for construction of potentially dangerous objects, like nuclear power plants. The developed software and hardware solution can be used on the Kuril Islands, Sakhalin, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan and so on.

News source: FEFU Press Service

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