Robot will produce details for the new multifunctional helicopter Ka-62

Robot will produce details for the new multifunctional helicopter Ka-62

Young scientists from Far Eastern Federal University created the robot especially for the for Russian aircraft factory "Progress. This factory producing Ka-52 Alligator helicopters. Ka-52 Alligator is an all-weather attack helicopter operated by the Russian Air Force. Developed by Kamov Design Bureau (part of Russian Helicopters), Ka-52 is a twin-seat variant of the Ka-50 attack helicopter.

The Ka-52 helicopter can destroy enemy armoured and unarmoured ground targets, low-speed aerial targets and personnel at the frontline and in tactical depth. It is also deployed as a surveillance platform and aerial command post for a group of attack helicopters.

The "Progress" aircraft factory will produce new multifunctional helicopter Ka-62. Robot will produce details for this helicopter .

NEVMERZHITSKII MAKSIM, engineer of  industrial production technology department of engineering school Far Eastern Federal University: "Before we need many workers to do this job, but now we can only use one robot. Robot works automatically, without human intervention".

Scientists from Far Eastern Federal University invented this machine 3 years before.

Now they hope to work closely with Russian aircraft factory "Progress, invent new products to them.

IVANETS SERGEY, rector of the Far east national university: "Our university has already established basic chair at the "Progress" aircraft factory. Our students directly can learn from the best experienced engineers of the company".

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