More than 80 teenagers, their parents and teachers took a part in the event. 9-17 years children made robots by themselves, they used more than a month of time to design their own robots. There are dozens of robots took a part in the festival show.

SAVOSKO VIKTORYA, the participant of "ROBOFEST-2016" : "We made a robot walking along the black lines. Its name is SHORT TRACK."

SHORT TRACK is one aspect of the young artists creative work. Young technicians can make very difficult machines. For example, LIMAEV MICHAIL from Ussuriysk City, showed a sorter-robot who can classify things. The robot with light sensors can define the shapes, colors, sizes, and then to transfer it to the necessary place. Inventor said that it is very difficult to create such robot program.

LIMAEV MICHAIL, the participant of "ROBOFEST-2016" : "We will make the next robot from iron. Before we want to make a big robot with two engines, but this project is still under construction. "

According to the event organizers said that the important purpose of the competition is to attract more young people to engage in research and development robots work.

MUN SERGEY, the Director of Robot Development Center: "First, the parents can see what things their children study this year. Second, the child are able to compare his work with the others, make them to improve their skills.

BOGDANENKO KONSTANTIN, the organizer of "ROBOFEST-2016": "Steve Jobs, who founded the company Apple, started his business with a garage. No one could imagine that the future Apple will become a well-known brand. I believe that a lot of teenagers like Steve Jobs participate in today's festival. And they are also have a super powers like Steve Jobs. In my opinion, the most important thing is to keep working and improve themselves. I wish them good luck! 

The team "Cybertron" has become the winner of the regional stage of "Robofest-2016."

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