The holiday of the big fish is marked by the coastal Udege.

The holiday of the big fish is marked by the coastal Udege.

While the salmon are on their way to the spawning rivers of Primorye, the Udege call on the God of water to give the silvery keta an easy road. They burn bonfires, prepare national dishes, sing songs, compete in strength and dexterity. On the shores of the Olginskaya river Avvakumovki, a big fish festival was staged.

The mother of all mothers is drawn, perhaps, the only udegeika in the Olginsky district. A native of Raisa Andreytseva from the Red Yar. And guests of her - relatives, friends - you learn by ornament on bright coats. For his son, in Vladivostok, he is now a big man, sewed black - the color of the wealth of the earth.

"And this is a bear, ours, a patrimonial one, it's a tiger." Every curl, I say, help your son, protect your son.

With such support, he not only celebrated the Great Fish Restoration, as on the Bikin River, with his ancestors, but also builds a national cultural center on the second channel of a strong and capricious Avvakumovka. Barn on poles, dwelling of a hunter, a plague, where women are already preparing fattened fishermen for nutritious lansai and fungusai. These are only Chinese names. Potatoes and separately pods of beans with izubryatina - for a long time Udege.

Raisa Li-Kalyunchiga, resident with. Red Yar Pozharsky district: "Before, we Udege did not eat potatoes. They ate the bulb of the locust, the wild lily. And since it is now listed in the Red Book, we no longer use it in the diet. "

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