Giant pulsating creature found on the shore of the Pacific

Giant pulsating creature found on the shore of the Pacific

On the shore of the ocean, 90 kilometers from the New Zealand city of Oakland, found a giant jellyfish that was carried ashore. This is reported by Fox News.

The find was found by a married couple who came to the beach with children. On the sand lay a huge jelly-like creature of pink color. It was alive and shaking from time to time. According to the father of the family, it seemed that the muscles contracted inside. He immediately warned the children that they did not fit.

On closer examination, it became clear that before them the largest jellyfish in the world - a hairy cyanide. Its dome reaches two meters across, and the tentacles stretch out for 20 meters. Known specimen with tentacles 36.5 meters long. Touching the cyanide can cause a painful rash in a person, but will not lead to death.

In August, it was reported that in the New Zealand town of Wellington, on the beach, a huge dead squid was found. The length of the mollusk was 4.2 meters.

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