The best children's surgeon of Russia held a master class for seaside doctors

The best children's surgeon of Russia held a master class for seaside doctors

September 17 the best children's surgeon in Russia held a master class for seaside doctors. Together with colleagues, a specialist from Irkutsk analyzed the nuances of endosurgery for young patients right at the operating table of one of Vladivostok's medical facilities. About high-tech treatment without a single cut in this story.

Complex operation and only four punctures. The laparoscope leads the doctor to the desired point. The surgeon works filigree. The scale of children. The patient is still a child. Hour and a protective cuff around the esophagus is almost ready. The girl can forget about reflux disease. At the tongs the master of endosurgery is Yuri Kozlov. Four high-tech operations per day, all without a single cut. The work of a surgeon from Siberia as an online lesson for seaside specialists. His experience is unique.

Yuri Kozlov, Head of the Department of Neonatal Surgery, Ivano-Matreninsky Children's Hospital, Irkutsk: "The technology I use, carrying the thread outside the abdominal cavity. These patients can get up a few hours after the operation, take their food - for the next literally a day. "

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