“Queen of currents" for more than 40 years keeps health residents of Khasan district

“Queen of currents

Valentina Ivanova works in the hospital of the Khasansky district.

She is a physiotherapist of the highest qualification.

She helps patients to recover faster.

The fact that Valentina Ivanova loves her department sincerely likes to be seen right away.

She proudly shows tricky devices and devices.

Let not all of them are very modern, but here everything works for people.

Dozens of procedures are done here.

There are nine people coping with everything.

Every day about 100 patients are waiting for their help.

And during the epidemic or influx of tourists, this figure is almost doubled.

However, everyone here is ready to help.

The preservation of the health of Primorye Valentina Ivanova has devoted the entire conscious life. She was born in Anuchino, graduated from the pediatric department of the Vladivostok Medical University, then, together with her husband, a surgeon, worked in Arsenyev. Then they moved to Slavyanka.

Valentina Ivanova decided to study from a pediatrician to a physiotherapist.

Despite the fact that the experience of Valentina Ivanova works more than 40 years, she does not want to retire.

So the health of the Hasanians will be protected for a long time.

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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