Students of medical university become real doctors in Hasan hospital

Students of medical university become real doctors in Hasan hospital

Students of the medical university become real doctors in the Khasan district hospital.

Some of the students have already finished their practice, but still continue to work in the hospital.

Student’s practice time is over long time ago, but Julia and a few of her classmates are still working in the hospital. Instead of vacations on the beach - hospital beds, patients and diagnoses.

Valentin Ufimtsev also stayed here after practicing in the hospital. Here he knows everything: several years working as a paramedic with children. Three years ago he decided to enter the university, now Valentin is studying for a pediatrician.

Before the university lectures and seminars begin, students will continue to work here.

They are the best help for doctors. In the hospital, they need students for whole year.

11 people are studying at the target set of the Hasan District Hospital in the medical university. Students of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year pass summer practice every year. According the contract, they will have to work here for another five years. But some have already begun their journey as a doctor at the district hospital.

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