Pink red book flower pulled on the lakes of Primorye hundreds of tourists

Pink red book flower pulled on the lakes of Primorye hundreds of tourists

Huge pink Lotus flowers bloomed on the lake of the village of Oak key. And now dozens of tourists are in a hurry to see the huge pale pink buds of red book flower. For the sake of experiment 10 years ago, only a few seeds of the mosquito Lotus were planted here. And now it is one of the large plantations of the relic in Primorye, reports "Vesti: Primorye".

The Lotus flower is endangered, and therefore protected. And messing up the plants a fine of up to 3 thousand. However, while helping oral comments. Most tourists from afar watching the pale pink inflorescence. And wonder how the water getting on a Lotus leaf becomes like mercury. It easily rolls down and leaves the surface completely dry.

At the same time on the lake bloom up to 2000 thousand lotuses. The season of pilgrimage to the pink fields on the water lasts until mid-August. In the wild in Russia you can feel the sweet aroma only in the far East and off the coast of the Caspian sea.

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