For the first time in world history, the oldest kind of sharks were bred (photo)

For the first time in world history, the oldest kind of sharks were bred (photo)

As a result of the breeding program, which is implemented by scientists-biologists of the Primorsky Oceanarium, zebrovidna bull shark laid eggs, this is the first in the world case of breeding sharks of this species in captivity. About it reports "News: Primorye" with reference to the press service of the aquarium. For sharks was created almost ideal conditions, thanks to this we managed to achieve a result, - explained the head of Department of the maintenance of the aquatic organisms of the tropical seas of the seaside aquarium Mikhail Streltsov. - Five zebras sharks appeared in June 2016, in October of the same year we planted the largest female separately from other fish and transferred it to a special diet, during the breeding program it doubled its weight. In June last year, it was planted male, and a year later the female laid eggs. The egg laying itself is an indicator that sharks are good.

The zebrafish bull shark belongs to the genus of raznozubyh sharks (Heterodontus), which in the modern world are represented by eight species, of all living sharks, they are the most ancient. These perfect creatures live on Earth for about 242 million years and have not changed much since the time of the dinosaurs. They differ from all modern sharks in that they are egg-laying. After fertilization, the egg inside the female develops about a year. Zapovidna shark refers to polycyclical types, this means that the oviducts in the female Matures multiple eggs. Before spawning, the eggs are covered with a cornea.

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