Primorsky region Oceanarium on Russian island has opened

Primorsky region Oceanarium on Russian island has opened

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Primorsky region Oceanarium  was solemnly opened on Russian island of Vladivostok. This scientific and educational complex is the largest in Russia and one of the largest in the world. The visitors have an opportunity to see the inhabitants of the ocean and visit the rainforest.


Inside the giant shell form Oceanarium opens a completely different world, really exciting world. The beauty of Baikal and Khanka lakes, the rich biodiversity of Japan and Okhotsk seas can be seen behind the glass.

Labyrinths with expositions stagger the imagination. This transparent tunnel gives you a feeling of walking on the oceanfloor. Exotic inhabitants of the sea depths and colorful tropical fish sail by.

Incredibly beautiful halls occupy three floors. There you can get acquainted with the evolution of ocean life, go into the sea depth and see the coral reef. The total volume of aquariums is about 25 thousand cubic meters of water.  The whole complex is located on 35 thousand square meters, which is several times larger, than the territory of the St. Petersburg Oceanarium. Primorsky region Oceanarium has been built within 11 years.

Besides the inhabitants of the ocean, you can also see the flora and fauna of tropics. Aquariums with Amazonian fish and compositions of exotic plants are also there.


More than 500 species of fish, seals, whales, Japanese dolphins and  belugas inhabit in the Oceanarium. A few penguins from Taiwan zoo will also move to the Oceanarium in the nearest future. 


But Dolphinarium still didn’t open its doors, it will be opened in a month. Inhabitants of the Dolphinarium and their coaches still work on the future shows. By the way, the Oseanarium ticket doesn’t include the aquarium tour, visitors will have to buy additional ticket to see dolphins show. But the main thing is that the pearl of Russian island, one of the largest Oceanariums in the world is ready to open its secrets!


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