"Primorye Territory is a Territory of Friendship": Interview with Anatoly Startsev, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Chief Scientific Officer of the Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography of the Peoples of the Far East, FEB RAS.

Anatoly Fyodorovich, tell us please, where and when did the indigenous peoples of the Primorye Territory appear?

The indigenous population of the Primorsky Territory is represented by Udege, Nanais, Orochi and Pelas. Aborigines live mainly in four districts of Primorsky Krai: Terneisk, Pozharsky, Krasnoarmeisk, Olginsky.

The main economic activities of the indigenous peoples of the region have been and to some extent still remain hunting, fishing and gathering. Aboriginal people lived small tribal camps. Each clan settlement had its own fishing grounds, places for the departure of clan cults and a cemetery. Depending on the specifics of economic activity and geographical conditions, their settlements were divided into temporary and permanent settlements. Temporary settlements were always arranged on the bank of a river or in a forest fold. When constructing a temporary summer settlement, the Djuxiksi Udege tried to keep this place close to the river and well blown by the wind. In such a camp most often there were three or five residential buildings in which lived from three to ten families. In permanent settlements yoho lived mainly in the winter. They stood in one place in the disintegration of hills, convenient for the extraction of ungulates and fur-bearing animals for many years, sometimes even more than a hundred. Such permanent settlements include Joongo and Chuken on the Khor, Zava and Isim rivers on the Samarga River, Xi'in and Olon on the Bikin River.

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