"Primorye - 80! Our History": Ensemble "Inspiration" - champion of Russia in folk dances

A quarter of a century in the rhythm of dance and well-deserved awards for the anniversary. The diploma of the best choreographer, the diploma for the best costumes and, finally, the title of champions of Russia in folk dances was won by participants of the deserved team of the Primorsky Territory - the exemplary ensemble "Inspiration" from the seaside Kavalerovo.

You can not show up here without mood. Otherwise, there will be no result. And it seems that even the walls, ceiling and windows in the DC area resonate in a single rhythm with them.

Natalia Loshmanova in her childhood dreamed of becoming a ballerina: at six she saw a ballet on TV and fell in love with this image. Her parents wrote her to the choreographic studio "Smile" and since then she does not imagine herself without dancing.

Natalia Losmanova, artistic director of the deserved team of the Primorsky Territory, the exemplary ensemble "Inspiration": "There developed a love for the dance, and after I finished the studio, I wanted to try myself in directing, and I entered Ussuriisk, the college of culture, the department «The director of mass actions». Time passed, the dances did not bother me. And I came to Kavalerovo, in 1993. I was offered a job here in the Palace of Culture. I taught rhythm. Since the children were already released, I was sorry to let them go, they had so much invested already and created a dance club. We started small, there were 16 people. Our first victories gave us confidence, the team began to grow, and this year we are 25 years old. "

There was no fear. This young egoism, in a good sense of the word, made it possible to open up. And it was difficult, because children were growing in parallel. Both son and daughter, her husband's hard work, he is constantly on the road. But the strength was, and enough for everything. Everything was given somehow easily.

What can not be said about dances. Without difficulty, you can not become a master. Many hours, compulsory exercises at the machine tool, calluses and sweat. And, as it turns out, not only for the sake of art, but also for themselves.

Sofia Istomina, soloist of the ensemble "Inspiration": "Dances bring to tears !? To tears, yes, I remember myself small when it did not work. But this is usually when it does not work. Because you are learning from mistakes. I cried. Victims !? This was already understood in high school. Because it was necessary to take seriously the study, and even had to sacrifice the school and prepare for the exams, because you really love this thing. "

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