Fishermen of Primorye increased the catch of crabs and shrimp

Fishermen of Primorye increased the catch of crabs and shrimp

Coastal fishermen were the first in the country began to develop deep-sea resources.

Since the beginning of the year, more than 3,300 tons of crabs have been caught - this is almost 930 tons more than last year.

In addition, coastal fishermen for 330 tons increased the catch of northern shrimp.

Northern shrimp caught almost 670 tons.

18 tonnes of crested shrimps were also mined.

The vessel "Chans-106" produces a red snow crab crab at a depth of up to 2500 meters.

This is the first crab processor in the country, equipped with modern and efficient equipment for working at great depths.

Primorye fishermen make a serious contribution to the country's food security.

About 20% of the all-Russian catch is provided by Primorsky Region, and one third of all fish caught in the Far East are in Primorye.

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