Vladimir Putin: "In the coming six years to double the funding for the development of cities and towns".

Vladimir Putin:

Vladivostok residents are invited to participate in a public discussion of the municipal program for the formation of a modern urban environment in the Vladivostok city district. This program is designed for the period up to 2022. And Vladivostok residents will be able to Express their opinion on the priorities of Vladivostok's development as a city convenient for life.

City municipal program of Vladivostok city district "Formation of modern urban environment" is a new stage in the creation of Vladivostok modern and convenient public areas and places of rest. On March 18, all citizens in the premises of 55 schools of the city will be able to get acquainted with the projects that should become the basis of such a program. This is the continuation of the project "Coast of health", the area between the embankment of the Tsarevich and Svetlanskaya, the further arrangement of The sports Harbor, square named after Anna Shchetinina.

FROM the message of PRESIDENT RF to the FEDERAL ASSEMBLY: "it is Important that they save face, and heritage. We already have successful experience in renewing the urban environment and infrastructure. From this want to start. This experience exists in Kazan, Vladivostok and Sochi."

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