"Hachiko" from Primorye region find a new friend

In Khankaisky district of Primorsky lives "Hachiko".
As reports "News: Primorye" with reference to dps_control, at the entrance to The stone-Angler in a place where suburban houses are already ending, there are no pedestrian crossings, no cafes, one of the signs of signs, of which hundreds stand along the road, there is a dog booth, and a dog sits on the chain, which all the time looks into the distance, as if waiting for someone. In addition to dogs, with the doghouse to anyone, she's not on the chain. She just sits there and doesn't go anywhere. According to eyewitnesses, the picture they see for about three years.
According to one version, the seaside "Hachiko" once had a house and owner in the village of Astrakhanka. But when he decided to change his place of residence and sold the house, the new owners demanded to take all the animals with them, as they had their own. The owner of the dog from the guest house taken away, but leaving her alone on the road, he left. It is from the time she sits and look into the distance, hoping for the return of his master.

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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