Miklushevsky Vladimir signs the bill about compensation capital repairs for the pensioners

Miklushevsky Vladimir signs the bill about compensation capital repairs for the pensioners

Miklushevsky Vladimir signs the bill about compensation capital repairs for the pensioners. Now Primorye citizens, whose age exceeds 70 years, will pay exactly half. This is a significant step in the large part of social protection in Primorsky Region.

Resident of Dalnerechensk Valentina Litvinova is 82 years old. Her profession is an accountant, therefore she looks all the numbers very carefully. Amounts are very big: in Dalnerechensk she should pay about 400 rubles a month. She pays properly all the times, but regret that she should pay a lot. According to the the regional program of capital repair the house, where he lives Valentina and her neighbor Gennady Novikov, will be repaired only in 2036.

Valentina Litvinova, a resident Dalnerechensk: "Before, I was scared that they will not give me the subsidies, so I now hesitate, should I pay for 2 months or not."

Gennady Novikov, a resident of Dalnerechensk: "By this time I will be more than 100 years already.

So the decision of the Governor and the Legislative Assembly fully set free old people of the capital repairs contributions was vey good for them. Old people's rights in this part of the social sphere now is protected. According to the decision of the regional authorities for citizens who reach seventy years, compensation for capital repairs will be 50%, while for those older 80 is 100%. The new measure of social support for pensioners will be fully financed from the regional budget.

Igor Chemeris, chairman of the Primorsky Region Committee about social policy and protection of the rights of citizens: "On the one hand we understand that social assistance have to be addressed, on the another hand, we understand how hard life this category of people.

From the 1stof January 2016 for the disabled, as well as for families with children with disabilities have been provided for 50 per cent compensation for the monthly costs for the repair. Here, the means to pay compensation allocated from the federal budget. Also, federal law gives the right to the regional level to provide compensation and living alone unemployed owners of residential premises.

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