Vladimir Pogrebnyak is going to give a present to Russian President Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Pogrebnyak is going to give a present to Russian President Vladimir Putin

In the 23d of February, Russian Defense Day, Primorsky Region famous artist Vladimir Pogrebnyak is going to make a present to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He is going to give him a picture from his personal exhibition. The name of the picture is "Chain Reaction."

Vladimir Pogrebnyak the artist: "I called the picture "Big Brother." Two men are chained to each other by gold chain. This chain means Christianity, and Orthodoxy. It is Russian and Ukrainian, two indivisible nations, as well as Belarusians. And now they are killing on each other. "

By sending this gift Vladimir wants to pay attention of Putin of what is happening now with the brotherly nations. The theme is very popular now.

Natalia Kolomeitseva, political scientist, Doctor of Political Sciences: "Because he is an artist, it means that he can see the world around us in this special way. It is philosophical art. He sees this situation properly. And when he told me about this picture, I was very impressed. The chain, which is connecting the two brotherly nations, is really gold. It means that there are only best things between Russian and Ukrainian nations. "

The picture is full of sincerity, simplicity, integrity and vivid expressiveness feelings. Therefore Vladimir Pogrebnyak decided to give one of his best paintings of Russian President. Politicians of Primorsky Region will help the artist with sending the gift to president administration.

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