А new club project "Nationalities in the library" will be represent In Partizansk

А new club project

The club of nationalities in the library - a new project from Partizansk - will be presented at the regional competition on geopolitics. Meanwhile, in the central city library, the day of foundation is celebrated by the "Syabry of Belarus". Three years ago partisans with Belarusian roots began to form a mobile museum and tell coastal townsmen about the sources. Congratulate the young society came neighbors on the library and our film crew.
White Ruses first mentioned in the medieval lists of Lithuania. They were initially called the White Wall because of linen shirts and panels, says Tatiana Rychkova, as if she had seen it all herself. From the legendary times to us, at least, the fabric and models of the national costume have reached.
And skirts selected in a tone to neighbors ... On border with Lithuania - yellow, with Ukraine - bright crimson color. A calm cell at the chairman of the "Syabrov of Belarus" - exactly, as it was in the old days at the junction of Vitebsk and Smolensk. And only flax, only flax ...
Tatyana Rychkova, chairman of the Syabry Belarus Society: "In this shirt, the mother of our partisan Belarusian, Galina Sharova, was getting married."
Guests "Syabrov" - the Korean society of pensioners "Noindan", Tatar friends - and listen, and their history is remembered. As some moved Tumangan in 1864, and others to raise the mining city arrived already in the XX century ... The friendship in Partizansk and the main color was the same - white.

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