In Primorye was opened Belarusian house

In Primorye was opened Belarusian house

In Ussurisk city was opened the National Museum of Belarusian culture. It is called Belarus House. Under the initiative of the Ussurisk residents here collect exhibits from all the region to show the identity of the Slavic culture. And many residents has a lot of things to offer for such a museum.

Nina Figurskaya is chairman of the "Primorye Belarusians" national-cultural Primorye public organization. They show only part of the exhibits, which descendants of immigrants from Belarus took out from their vaults. Some things are more than a century! Now Primorye home to about nine thousand people who consider themselves to be Belarus. The exhibitions name is "The People's hut." Bring here and that specifically brought in from Belarus, when visiting relatives.

Ekaterina Blinnikova is the resident Artem. At the meeting called the "Slavic nations: common roots, common traditions, a common destiny" shows the technique of embroidery of Belarusian national patterns. She says that, despite the similarity in the patterns each Slavic nation has its own unique features. The technique of embroidery they studied on the internet

In the Partizansk city Tatiana Rychkova  lead "Friends of Belarus organization. She says that first of all they began to communicate with their compatriots of all cities and districts of Primorye.

Tatiana Rychkova, a resident from the Partizansk: "We are friends for the long time..."

Now plans of the Belarusians public organizations in Primorye is prepare an interesting exhibition and folk art rooms for major international events in the province. And talk about the traditions of his people. For example, in Ussuriysk already held the first official wedding ritual on all the national canons.

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